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The RaidTEch unites greatly varied groups of teens who meet 6-7 hours weekly for 9 months. They participate in a social/emotional learning (SEL) experience concentrated on social justice that utilizes the carrying out arts to analyze and deal with the personal and social forces that form their lives and identities. Through the innovative procedure, they interact to compose and carry out an initial musical from the stories of their lives and their concepts for change, producing a theatrical plan for change. They then design and carry out neighborhood action jobs that make an influence on concerns that are very important to them.

Our company believes that every young adult, no matter their capability or background, ought to have the chance to live a safe, serene and efficient life, be an accountable and efficient resident, and become a leader in their lives and neighborhoods. Our company believes that the secret to recognizing this chance is youth getting-- in the vital developmental years of teenage years-- the time, area, and assistance that they need to understand the personal and social forces that form their lives, to visualize what they want their future to be, and to start acting to recognize that vision. It is the neighborhood that our youth construct-- the relationships they construct with one another-- that is the vehicle for our program's effect. It is the culture of this neighborhood that develops the impacts of the program. To construct that neighborhood, our program utilizes all the carrying out arts, the most recent in social change training, and a set of unique programs functions.

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